Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tom Waits... For Everyone!

Just a quick post tonight, as I have spent the evening with Mrs. 17 Seconds clothes shopping and trying to organise stuff for my students tomorrow.

Needless to say, when out shopping I couldn't resist a quick look round a record shop, and Mrs. 17 Seconds bought me a CD, Mule Variations by Tom Waits.

I have long enjoyed Tom Waits' fantastic music, but he's produced a lot of albums. Quite why I haven't bought this I have no idea. I actually prefer the later Waits stuff to the early: the voice is gruffer, the music is rawer, and quite often more experimental, and sadness or happiness, he just makes it sound like no-one else. So many white men try to sing the blues (don't get me started on Eric Clapton's oeuvre post about 1970, to say nothing of some of his dodgy political remarks), Waits doesn't need to try.

If you have heard this album before, I'm preaching to the converted. But if you haven't, go buy this album tomorrow (or maybe your loved one will buy it for you!)

Tom Waits -'Big In Japan.' mp3

Tom Waits -'Hold On.' mp3

Tom Waits -'House Where Nobody Lives.' mp3

For more on Tom Waits, including more mp3s, go here

Make sure you buy the album if you like these tracks, preferably from an independent record shop!


Brad said...

Thanks for the Waits posts and mp3s--of course I have them all, but if others can take your advice and get turned on to him, their lives will be enriched. In the 80s a friend of mine was doing some study in Russia, and the students there had asked her to bring back some good music--they were sick of the Billy Joel crap they were getting. I made her two 90 min tapes, with lots of Waits, and I understand they were copied and copied and copied again.

I too prefer the later Waits, after Swordfishtrombones. Bone Machine is the masterpiece in a sea of great CDs. Don't you think?



Ed said...

Love Bone Machine, the Swordfishtrombones trilogy as I think of it is pretty good too.