Monday, September 17, 2007

Hooray! It's a holi, holi-day (well, it feels like one)

Much excitement at 17 Seconds towers: 17 Seconds really did make it into the blog roll at The Guardian on Saturday, as did regular comments leavers Song, By Toad and the Vinyl Villain.

So, some songs to celebrate:

U2-'A Celebration.' mp3

Happy Mondays -'Hallelujah (Club Mix).' mp3

Kelis -'Good Stuff.' mp3

James Brown -'Sex Machine.' mp3

And of course, the song that gave this blog its name:

The Cure -'Seventeen Seconds.' mp3

As always, if you like the song, support the artists involved.



The Pop Cop said...

Well done on the Guardian plug, that's tremendous!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ed!


Ed said...

Cheers, guys!

Feeling quietly but surely very pleased with myself.

Thanks for your kind words, Ed

Colin said...

Well deserved Ed - you've been on great form recently, both in terms of your words and musical picks. Well done!

Ed said...

Thanks Colin, that means a lot, especially as your blogging was one of the things that inspired me to start doing 17 seconds in the first place.


Matthew said...

Sex Machine? Ed, it hardly bares thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Well done


Ed said...

Matthew - hey, that's between me and Mrs 17 seconds

and anonymous: finally! Feedback from my parents.


Anonymous said...

Woopy doo! Middle class mediocrity! Congratulations.. Before you start sipping your chardonay in glee, how about actually remembering to add the mp3 files to the links...?!

Ed said...

Er, dear anonymous.

I make it a point of principle only to actually post the links for about a week. As you have googled this, or whatever, six weeks later, these have long since been taken down, though they were up. The point of posting mp3s here is for people to sample them, not to keep it all up for eternity, otherwise my bandwith would cost me a fortune. Most bloggers tend to do the same.

Oh, and leave your name. Kind of makes me think you're hiding.


PS Just for the record, I'm teetotal, so it's likely to be a diet coke, and not chardonnay.