Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apologies (well, of sorts)

Although clearly a lot of people cannot be bothered to leave comments, music is being sampled from this blog at a very fast rate and my bandwith has been reached, and is due to be refurbished in ten days.

I will try and sort this out tomorrow, but am off ot bed now.

However, I have just come back from watching King Creosote and Emma Pollock, and have an interview with King Creosote which I will post here asap.

plenty of great blogs listed on the right hand side if you are looking to sample more great music.



JuzNik said...

Hi Ed :) Thanks again for some great tracks!! Its always good to know you share musical tastes with your friends and they can link you some tracks that have previously passed you by (Penny Century for example) ;)

I may have been partially instrumental in the bandwidth zapping in the last couple of days. Please accept both apologies and thanks :)

Nikki xx

JuzNik said...

I haven't noticed if you have mentioned CocoRosie at any point?

If not, I think you might like them. Think of a hybrid sound which would be bjork, nelly furtado and joanna newsom.

They are described as being indie/freak folk and sometimes lumped in with the "new weird america" movement.

I have a couple of tracks uploaded, that you can check out if you wish ;)

You might like their cover of Turn me on by Kevin Lyttle, which you can hear a sample of here:

Ed said...

hey, that's cool, Nikki. Links now uploaded again.

Glad you liked the music!


So It Goes said...

Same grumble here, guy. 77 people in one day. 1 comment. I'm in yr corner.

Ed said...

Aye, it's not that I expect everyone to leave a comment, but a few 'It's great/average/rubbish comments wouldn't go amiss from time to time!