Saturday, August 09, 2008

Great scottish bands #4: Motorcycle Boy

For the second post in a row, I am completely indebted to Tom over at Indie mp3 for providing me with the mp3s to make this post.

Motorcycle Boy came together of members of Meat Whiplash and Alex Taylor, lead singer of The Shop Assistants, a band I have banged on about repeatedly on here. The line-up of Motorcycle Boy was:

Alex Taylor (vocals), Michael Kerr (guitar), Eddy Connoly (bass) Paul McDermott (drums) and David 'Scottie' Scott (guitar). Their first single was released by Rough Trade, then they signed to Chrysalis. They recorded one John Peel session and that year their debut single 'Big rock Candy Mountain' reached no.22 in the annual Festive Fifty conducted by listeners to John Peel's show. None of their singles charted in the UK, and were not released in the US. Their only album was shelved...but I remain convinced that Motorcycle Boy are one of the great scottish bands, and a proper re-issue programme should be set in place.

The singles were as follows:

'Big Rock Candy Mountain' 12" single

1.'Big Rock Candy Mountain (Velocity Dance Mix).' mp3
2.'Room At The Top.' mp3
3.'His Latest Flame.' mp3
4.'Big Rock Candy Mountain (7" mix).' mp3

'Trying To Be Kind' 12" single

1. 'Trying To Be Kind (extended mix).' mp3
2. 'World Falls Into Place.' mp3
3. 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow.' mp3
4. 'Trying To Be Kind (1000cc version).' mp3

'You And Me Against The World.' 12" single
1. 'You And Me Against the World.' mp3
2. 'Under The Bridge.' mp3
3. 'Some Girls.' mp3
4. 'You And Me Against the World. (extended mix).' mp3

(Note: the last two singles were due to be on the band's album, Scarlet, which never appeared.)

'The Road Goes On Forever.' 12" single

1. 'Starlight.' mp3
2. 'Starlight (Paradise a go-go mix).' mp3
3. 'The Road Goes On Forever (Overdrive Karma mix).' mp3
4. 'Salvation.' mp3
5. 'The Road Goes On Forever.' mp3

'Here She Comes' 12" single

1. 'Here She Comes.' mp3
2. 'Everything I See.' mp3
3. 'The Road Goes On Forever (live).' mp3

After this, the band added 'Fitzpatrick' became One Note Jam, who issued a further 12" single and then the band split. Alex became a real shop assistant, working for the Virgin Megastore in London.

BONUS: Taken from the cd86 compilation (well-worth your hard-earned cash, IMHO) , this is Meat Whiplash's single 'Don't Slip Up.'

Meat Whiplash -'Don't Slip Up.' mp3

If you want more info on scottish bands, Jocknroll is THE place to start.

Finally, if anyone has the Shop Assistants or Motorcycle Boy Peel sessions, could they get in touch, please?


david said...

Just thought I'd check before going on holiday...and I find this!
Guess you know how long I've been trying to find this, so what a great holiday present, cheers.

You're right about The Motorcycle Boy though, tragically un-recognised and a proper re-release programme is long overdue. Can't imagine it would cost too much to license these tracks either. 17 Seconds Records Ed?

Ed said...

This appeared in my inbox...

Hi Ed, thank you so much! I´m absolutely thrilled of finally having a chance to explore these tracks. Being a Shop Assistants addict ever since I saw them live in 1986 these Motorcycle Boy singles do even exceed my highest expections. Alex Taylor´s vocals are pristine! You made us a precious gift. Thanks a lot. I never knew she ended up as a real shop assisitant at Virgin. Do you know what Alex is up to now? Is there any chance of her going back to the recording studio some day? Whatever she´s up to, I hope she´s happy and content - and aware that her voice is cherished by so many people now. Pure magic to my ears and my heart and soul. Thanks for your great work. Respectable - I only have the low-quality-rip from Tom´s page. Sounds ramshackle and rough. Maybe Tom has a better quality cover in his archive? Cheers, Bernd

Ed said...

david - i would love few things more than to set up my own record label, almost certainly it would be a re-issue one, if only I could get the funds to do it.

Bernd -glad you like it, and if anyone can help with those missing tracks that would be great. There will be a Fizzbombs post very soon too...

Tom said...

I will re-rip Respectable and the remaining Shop Assistant tracks once I have settled in the new place!

Ed - I will send through One Note Jam later today!

Tom said...

Oh and give me a day or two to dig out those Peel Sessions. My CD copies are still in boxes after my recent move.

Ed said...

Thank you so much, Tom the one note Jam tracks are playing as I type.

A reader called Bernd sent me the respectable track, think the quality is ok, but will let you know.

Thank you so mcuh for taking the time to do this when you are sorting out stuff from the move.

Much appreciated, Ed

Anonymous said...

Marry me!

I'm truly a very happy man

If my memory serves me right I saw them once as support to The Jesus and Mary Chain and Soup Dragons at Brixton Academy.

Thank you.


Ben Etc said...

bit uncanny to find this today - just after seeing these stills from beloved movie, Rumblefish:
(though you might need to be a member to see)

If you don't know the connection then he's a frame from the film:

and if you can't see that it's just a shot of some grafitti that reads "The Motorcycle Boy Reigns"

Ed said...

Mike -that sounds like a great night out. As for three great bands that I have seen on the same bill...Franz Ferdinand/Dogs Die In Hot Cars/Sons & daughters one night at York Fibbers, or Franz Ferdinand/Fiery furnaces/Sons & daughters at the liquid rooms in Edinburgh...ah, happy days

Ben -embarassed to say I haven't seen the film, though I did know that was where it came from. Must investigate...

Ben Etc said...

I got to see 'Rumble Fish' on a VHS passed to me by my first girlfriend (now band frontperson) before she was going away for a long time. That might have had something to do with it becoming my favourite movie ever as it was in synch with my palpitations.

Bought a new copy a few years back but haven't watched it yet - scared that it might seem a bit puerile... since it's heavy on the teenage angst, and even if I haven't shaken mine, at least I can pretend I have. The book Rumble Fish is classic. Every library has it. Companion to the Outsiders. By S.E.Hinton.

And guess what the first song was called at the last Etc gig: 'Rumblefish'.

Ed said...

Inspired, sir. Teenage angst can last a long time, and I haven't even read catcher In the rye YET.

Ben Etc said...

"Teenage angst can last a long time
and I haven't even read catcher In the rye YET".
I said: I think you wrote a lyric, Ed

Ed said...

Oh, yeah *face breaks into a smile*

Hadn't thought about it, but I kind of like it... : ))