Sunday, August 03, 2008

Great scottish bands #2: Shop Assistants

Yes, it has been at least a month since I had a Shop Assistants fest here. I've long written about my love for this excellent scottish band on 17 Seconds, and for this post I am actually going to focus on the last two singles the band put out.

Having issued four singles between 1983 and 1986, and an album, The Shop Assistants (also known as Will Anything Happen) in 1986. The band then split or went on hiatus when singer Alex Taylor went off to form Motorcycle Boy with members of Meat Whiplash. In 1989 the Shop Assistants reformed/were reactivated and produced two more singles 'Here It Comes' and Big 'E' Power.' the line up was now:

Sarah Neale - vocals (previously the bassist), Laura McPhail on bass (previously the drummer), David Keegan (always the guitarist) and Margarita Vasquez-Ponte of Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes on drums. In 1990 David Keegan joined the Pastels full time and the band split for good. The two singles were released on the Avalanche label, set up by Andrew Tully from Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes.

Here It Comes 12" EP:

Shop Assistants - 'Here It Comes.' mp3

Shop Assistants - 'Too Much Adrenalin.' mp3 (really, only one E. No gags intended).

Shop Assistants - 'I'd Rather Be With You.' mp3

Shop Assistants - 'Look Out.' mp3

Big E Power 12" EP

Shop Assistants - 'Big E Power.' mp3

Shop Assistants - 'She said.' mp3 (A cover of the Beatles song from Revolver)

Shop Assistants - 'One More Time.' mp3

Shop Assistants - 'Big E Power (live in Manchester).' mp3 (the label bears the credit 'Vinnie Drums, Big Flares mix.' No ideas -any help out there?!)

I have said it before, I'll say it again: read Tom's pages on the Shop Assistants here. There is also due to be a compilation of Shop Assistants' stuff released later this year.

This link will take you to Avalanche records' ebay site where you can buy many of the records mentioned here.


david said...

So it all comes out're really 'Edmund' rather than the more mundane 'Edward'...

Cheers for the EP's - that was fun :D Sorry can't help with the Manchester credits. Think I remember them playing at least one gig with a guitarist called Peter?

Ed said...'s Edmund on offcial docs and the passpot and that's about as far as it goes...

Guitarist called Peter in the shoppies? Can anyone help?


JC said...

"Great Scottish Bands"


Saw this lot a few times and never got beyond the 'aye, they're nae bad' view.

There's no mention of a Peter Shoppy in the Great Scots Musicogrpahy.

Ed said...

Hi JC, cheers for checking it out.

You saw the Shoppies? Very jealous. Still when the histories of scots indie music are updated to included to include the '00s, I'll be able to say I've seen Aberfeldy nine times and Sons & Daughters eight.

And I haven't seen Sandie Thom or Michelle Mcmanus, even by accident.

Tom said...

If you want the two tracks that made up the free flexi with the Here It Comes box set let me know. They include a great cover of JAMC's You Trip Me Up.

I have now settled in to the new place so those Motorcycle Boy tracks will be with you soon.


Ed said...

Hi Tom,
yes i would love those tracks, have been hassling the former Desperadoe Jesse garon for a copy of that box set for ages...

Hope the move went well, everytime I have moved it has been stressful beyond belief...


Farah said...

I just found this on Exclaim! magazine's website
The Shop Assistants have an album re-release coming out!
long are the days when you can't find the album, my friends

check it out