Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some Covers For Saturday Part II

Hi again

well, well and truly back in Scotland, it's the how about a few covers?

(And yes, that is Mrs 17 Seconds and I)

Pixies-'Head On.' mp3 (Jesus and Mary Chain)

X-'Crystal Ship.' mp3 (The Doors)

Sisters Of Mercy-'Gimme Shelter.' mp3 (Rolling Stones)

Residents-'Satisfaction.' mp3 (Rolling Stones)

Therapy?-'Isolation.' mp3 (Joy Division)

The The-'I Saw The Light.' mp3 (Hank Williams)

Marianne Faithfull-'Working Class Hero.' mp3 (John Lennon)

Ramones-'Baby I Love You.' mp3 (Ronettes)

REM-'Toys In The Attic.' mp3 (Aerosmith).

Veruca Salt -'Somebody.' mp3(Depeche Mode)

There is no theme here, just a selection of ten cover versions, only one of which (Sisters) I think I have posted here before. All being well, there should be another ten covers here on Sunday.

As always, these will be up for a week. If you like what you here, please go and investigate the bands and original artists themselves, perferably at your local indpendent record shop.


Juan said...

excellent excellent choices, I am a big fan of that REM cover and of course anything Pixies...

congratulations on your recent nuptials from the Northwest of the US where men are men and rain is... well not as bad as the UK (but your photo looks non-flooded so I am happy for that!)


Ed said...

Thank you, Juan, hope you enjoy Sundays...

Elizabeth said...

You gies look happy happy happy!

And SOM, well, way to go.

Ed said...

Thank you - we are!

And the Sisters may well appear again... : )

myron said...

congratulations! swell wedding pic, too.

Matthew said...

She's a lovely looking lass in that picture there, but who's the muppet she's standing with?

Ed said...

Kermit the frog, I think...

Colin said...

Belated congratulations Mr Ed / Mrs Ed!

Great choices and wonderful to see a photo as well.

I would have said a shaved and sober Aidan Moffat rather than Kermit the Frog... but then what do ah ken.


Ed said...

Aidan Moffat in the Muppets-now there's a thought! Cheers Colin, good to see you out and about in Blogland again.