Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Great, Lost Single #5

The Streets -'Has It Come To This?' (2001)

Back in 2001, before 'Dry Your Eyes', when Mike Skinner wasn't famous, The Streets put out a fantastic single. It sounded a bit UK garage -and believe me, that was a genre I didn't get into - but it was the way the words summed up life in London that was less 'bling bling, look at my me with money, cars and guns' and more 'this is the day in the life of an ordinary London bloke'- and was all the better for it. The phrase 'Urban' was rarely more appropriate than with this single.

The single turned up on the debut album 'Original Pirate Material', as did one of the b-sides, 'Geezers need excitement.' It was songs like this that led very quickly to Mike Skinner being talked about as a new poet Laureate. Then, on the second album, he showed you could do a concept album that could a) not be about Goblins or Wizards and b)Actually be good, you know, with proper songs and stuff.

Here, from CD1 are the three tracks that announced a major new talent had arrived:

The Streets-'Has It Come To This?' mp3

The Streets-'Geezers Need Excitement.' mp3

The Streets-'Streets Score (Instrumental).' mp3

These links will be up for one week only. If you like what you hear, go and buy the debut album 'Original Pirate Material' ideally from your local independent shop. The single can still be picked up at Amazon pretty cheaply, too.

For more Streets mp3s and videos check here and to read the roiginal NME review of the single check here


Matthew said...

Given you just got married Ed, are you not the Great Lost Single?

Ed said...

Roared out loud when I read that! Asked Mrs. 17 Seconds if I was the 'great lost single', to which she replied, dryly, 'I don't know, are you?' What can I say? I'm no longer single, no more lost than normal, and as for greatness... *blush* (but I like to think so)

Matthew said...

And the women of Edinburgh wept as one...

JC said...

The women of Edinburgh are too feckin cold-hearted to weep.......

Welcome back from the honeymoon nonsense. Where's the wedding photos???

Oh...and I'm with you on The Streets posting.

Ed said...

JC -Honeymoon was great, first holiday abroad together we have had (or does a weekend in Dublin count? Anyway...) Wedding photos will appear once I have worked out what we're doing with the digital camera, and then there will be some up. Oh, and glad you like the streets post.