Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Morning Bride

No, not yet another reference to the soon to be Mrs. 17 seconds, but rather, a rather fantastic band called Morning Bride that I got a reminder of via MySpace this morning. They are giving their new single Replica away free, so here it is, along with the previous 'free' single from their album, Lea Valley Delta Blues. This is just...lovely. Couldn't get the 'cello riff out of my head as I headed off to work.

Morning Bride -'Replica.' mp3

Morning Bride -'Time delay.' mp3
Their myspace site is here and their record company, Letterbox Records' site is here, including the shop.

Enjoy! And as always, support the artists!


Matthew said...

Those two are excellent, Ed. I've just gone and bought the album.

Ed said...

Excellent - that's what I call a result!

Ed said...

And this came from the band on my MySpace page

Hi Ed,

too right we like it!

thanks a bunch for your support

come see us sometime

atb Mark

Campfires and Battlefields said...

My my my, what a voice the young lady has, then! Lovely. Thank'ee.

Ed said...

You're welcome!

Ed said...

By the way, just so as you know that some record companies ARE glad to have their bands featured, this email came from Gav at Letterbox Records:

Hi Ed,

How's things up in Edinburgh?

Letterbox artists Morning Bride, Penny Century and The Amateurs may well be playing in your neck of the woods over the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, just wanted to say a big thank you for the Morning Bride post. Much appreciated as always,

Best wishes,