Sunday, May 13, 2007

Longest Mile Records

Hi there, it's been a busy few days, and I was down south this weekend in the old country (AKA England) at the wedding of a mate, so it's been quiet on the blog front, as well as being busy blah blah blah.


I'd like to direct readers in the direction of Longest Mile Records, run by Ross from the Futureheads. The two bands currently signed to this rather fine label, Chester-Le-Street's Catweasels and British Columbians the Paper Cranes sound nothing like the Futureheads - who I like very much - and are worth checking out. Definitely for fans of the Arcade Fire and old school indie sounds, amongst others.

The Longest Mile Myspace site has two tracks apiece, and they also have their own MySpace pages, with more wonderful sounds. There are limited edition 7"s `out there, and mp3s can be bought from iTunes and other places. pop over to MySpace and say hi, make friends with all three of them (or four, if you're not already friends with the Futureheads), then let them into your worlds.

BTW, very glad Morning Bride have proved such a hit with readers. That's what i'm here for : )

The Paper Cranes' MySpace page

The Catweasels' MySpace page

The Longest Mile Records' MySpace page

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