Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Katie Sutherland - SIGN HER NOW!

Two days ago, I went to watch Emma Pollock, and came away not only utterly blown away by her, but also by one of her supports: Katie Sutherland (see yesterday's post).

I have been sent two of her songs as mp3s, which I will post here.

Katie Sutherland-'Because I Do.' mp3

Katie Sutherland -'The Roses.' mp3

What can I say? The voice grabs you first, the tunes gently take hold of you and when they've got you captive it's the sweetest feeling, as you sing along and wonder why you don't hear these lass singing out of your radio. If I have anything to do with it - and I'm just a humble blogger in Scotland - but if I can do my bit to raise her profile, I'm going to try.

Pop along to her MySpace site and make friends, if you haven't already, here

Feedback will, of course, be appreciated!


Ed said...

Feedback from Katie to my MySpace page:

Thanks so much for that! ur a dream!


myron said...

Reminds me a little of Rosie Thomas, whom I saw open for Michael Penn last year. Spooky.

Steven said...

Could you please upload the song again my girlfriend has been looking everywhere for the song because i do thank you

Ed said...

Hi Steven - if you go to the most recent post from tuesday November 18 it's on there!