Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My (latest) new favourite band

Love Of Diagrams hail from Melbourne, Australia (which is pretty cool) and are signed to Matador, which usually bodes pretty well. Maybe they have been getting plenty of coverage that I have missed, but having read about them at Insound and heard a couple of mp3s at the matador site, I decided it was time that anyone else out there who hadn't heard them might like to, too.

What do they sound like? For recent music, I hear the mathematical influence suggested by their name shared by Forward, Russia, the gorgeous madness of Love Is all, with a dashing of the Long Blondes. I know post-punk is applied to so much these days, but the hints of the Au Pairs and Kleenex/liliput that I hear here suggest the label is appropriate.

Love of Diagrams -'No Way Out.' mp3

Love Of Diagrams -'Pace Or the Patience.' mp3

I have literally just heard them this evening - but the album is available from iTunes, though as always, check your local independent shop or Amazon.

Support the band, and let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed

Tried to listen to the MP3s and got this message:

Hey People! Thanks for being interested in our music. Sorry, but we don't support deep-linking. To link to a song, direct your links to the band's music page.


Matthew said...

Matador aren't playing ball with those links, Ed.

They're a good band though, looking at their myspace page.

DJ Samba said...

Sucks that a band would do that. From my personal perspective, I want to get as many people to listen to my music as possible. Even if it means losing money!

Some people just don't understand the game I guess.

Good band though!

Ed said...

It does suck a bit, but hey.

I've always believed that the purpose of mp3 blogging was to tell the world about the bands you care about. I've bought a lot of stuff because I heard it on blogs.

Still, the links above should worl now.