Friday, April 20, 2007


I have survived my first week back at work -and it's now the weekend.

A little braindead - but not so braindead as to want to be without music. Hope you like these.

Nico -'These Days.' mp3 Buy it here

Cat Power -'He War.' mp3 Buy it here

Jolie Holland -'Old Fashion Morphine.' mp3 Buy it here

Unless you haven't been here before now, you'll know the drill by now: the tracks will be up for a week. If you like them, please support the artists involved.

Links removed April 28.


DJ Samba said...

Loving the cat power track. Always wondered where that riff was from :).

Still say Regina (Spektor) is better though.

Ed said...

Hmm, have only heard bits of Regina so far, but will go and investigate...

where would you recommend?