Saturday, April 21, 2007

...And on the sixth day

There were six covers.

Hope you enjoy these folks...

This is from a gig in London in January this year, where the Arcade Fire (above)cover the Clash classic from London Calling.

Arcade Fire -'Guns Of Brixton (Clash cover)'. mp3

Years ago, working in a record shop I was virtually sent to Coventry for a day for daring to ask 'What's wrong with Bruce Springsteen?' I stand by that comment, the man is a hero to many, and just as an articulate observer of American life as many rappers or Bob Dylan. And Damon Gough knows it too.

Badly Drawn Boy -'Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen cover).' mp3

At fifteen I thought Prince was a genius, but I started to get the feeling throughout the nineties that his work was not as good as it had been. Then I came to Scotland, and amongst the hundreds of albums I have bought in second hand records shops here since I arrived are much of his output from 1980-1988. I've also realsied that Country music can be cool too. Here the two collide beautifully.

The Be-good Tanyas -'When Doves Cry (Prince and the Revolution cover).' mp3

Having got into Sonic Youth at fourteen through Goo, I remember thinking that 'Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star' was a bit of a disappointment when I heard it, though the first single 'Bull In The Heather' was a gem. Here the Go! Team offer their take on it.

The Go! Team -'Bull In The Heather (Sonic Youth cover).' mp3

OK, so this track was a hit, and it did through an advertisement, but what the hell, it's beautiful, and a genuinely different version of the original by the Knife.

Jose Gonzalez -'Heartbeats (The Knife cover).' mp3

Speaking of songs that start out electronica like, and end up acoustic, what better way to finish this than with Iron and Wine's take on a Postal Service song.

Iron and Wine -'Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover).' mp3

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Springsteen tells it like it is, so can you.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ed, just wanted to say thanks for the comment over at my place and I hope your own plans are going well.

Some fine covers here as well! Jose Gonzalez is a personal favorite, and his Joy Division covers are also very good.

Ed said...

For You Bruce: I am a long-time admirer of Bruce Springsteen. One of the first albums I ever owned was The River - a present from my parents (that I asked for) when I was 10 for doing well at school. That harmonica still sends shivers down my spine.

Elizabeth: glad you like the covers; may well post some more of Jose Gonzalez later. Watch this space... and yes, wedding plans are going well, thanks!