Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home and dry

...ah. the week is oh so nearly in sight, there's gigs to go to, and the first week back at work has actually been okay (so far. Touch wood).

Anyway, I decided that I would actually post four fairly upbeat and wonderful tracks.

Pet Shop Boys -'Home and Dry.' mp3

JC at The Vinyl Villain seemed a few weeks ago to feel that he had to justufy his love for the Pet Shop Boys. Absolutely not! Still wonderful, twenty years on.

The Rapture -'Get Myself Into It.' mp3

Is Pieces Of the People we love the fourth or third Rapture album, if we include The Mirror, Out of the Races...and Echoes? Oh well. Either way, this still makes me want to dance.

Amy Winehouse -'Rehab.' mp3

'Have you heard Amy Winehouse's new single?' asked my brother's flatmate six months ago. Personally I was aware of her, but thought her too 'coffee-table.' Then I heard this, and a few months later her album ended up being my second favourite album of the year (2006). You never can tell...

Ronettes -'Be my Baby.' mp3

The sheer wealth of emotions this song can make you feel is just unbelievable.

As always, if you like the tracks, buy them on Amazon, iTunes or your local record shop. These tracks will be posted for a week only. Enjoy!


Matthew said...

I thought the Pet Shop Boys were the one disco band all indie kids loved?

Balls to justifying.

Colin said...

Absolutely agree with you re; the Ronettes track... it is quite possibly the ultimate 'could you love me?' song and it has graced many a home-made compilation tape... (sigh!)

I'll even forgive you (and JC) for the Pet Shop Boys love... ;)

Ed said...

Matthew - you are right, BALLS to justifying. Hell, I've NEVER been cool, and it's probably a bit late to start now. I loved the PSBs before I became an indie kid, and I still wonder what record would result from Morrissey being locked in a room with Neil Tennant...

Colin - forgiven?!! Glad you liked the Ronettes.


JC said...

This posting is proof of why music is so brilliant.

Here's 4 seemingly like-mined souls agreeing/disageeing on what they think is good or otherwise.

I'll always stand up and be counted on PSB. The Ronettes?? Great song, but never owned a copy of it.

The Rapture and Amy Whitehouse??? HUGE thumbs-down on both counts from this small part of blogville.

But that don't make me a bad person, nor does it mean my taste in music is better than anyone elses.

But if you ever post a Keane song mate......I'm off out of here.

ally. said...

marvelous marvelous selection sweetie - i did excessive hand waving dancing to them all x

Ed said...

I shall bear that in mind!

I have been accused - not necessarily just on 17 Seconds either - of being self-defensive in the past, probably because as I frequently maintain, I don't do cool.

But glad to see this post is generating so many comments!


Ed said...

Oh, and Ally, glad to hear it made you dance!!