Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Album Review: The Good, The Bad and the Queen ''The Good, The Bad and the Queen"

Album Review: The Good, The Bad and the Queen ''The Good, The Bad and the Queen"

I tried to approach this album with the best of intentions. I was NOT going to mention the previous (and in at least one case, hopefully two to be continued projects) acts that the four members of TGTGATQ have been involved in. Any acts debut deserves to be taken on its' own merits.

And this is, without doubt a great album. Coming back after a hard day at the chalkface, or should that be chalkboard, this album is, right from its' first listen, a warm, strong piece of work. 'Herculean' was a limited-release single last year, and hearing it again, it's like beging greeted by someone who you wish to become more acquainted with. The album is also reasonable in length - it feels like a solid forty to fifty minutes - which is not padded out with filler. In this iPod age, and i'm as guilty of this as the next blogger, it's great to hear an album that's iPod proof. You will want to listen to it, in its entirety, on a regular basis.

I was trying not to mention previous work for the band members - but with that line-up it's hard not to. That's because this album feels like an album that's a natural follow-on from Blur's Think Tank, in a way that Damon Albarn's (less be honest) scrappy Democrazy wasn't, and Gorillaz' Demon Days should not have expected to have been. And with Simon Tong, Tony Allen and Paul Simonon as his new foils, for the first time, I'm thinking that if this becomes Albarn's main job, maybe I -and you- can live with that.

Back in 1995, the Foo Fighters emerged, very much in the shadow of their leader's former band (Nirvana, if it needs spelling out for you). They stepped out of that shadow quickly, and I hope these four men can do the same.

9 out of 10.

The Good, The Bad and The Queen -'History Song.' mp3

The Good, The Bad and The Queen -'Herculean.' mp3

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