Sunday, December 10, 2006

Other projects...

It's unbelievably busy at Christmastime, so I'm gonna make this quick...

first of all, one of my other musical projects, Johnny Caramel, an electronica act, have now got a myspace page, so go along and give us a listen here

additionally, I am also in the process of trying to work out how to rank my singles and albums of the year. I have bought a fair few this year, and am going to struggle to listen to every single little bit in the next couple of weeks. I am probably going to do a 'Festive 50' of my personal favourite tracks of the year -but I would be interested to know what has rocked your world, musically at least!

Additionally, on a related topic, I got an email from Simon at Sweeping the Nation who says:

"Last year, we at Sweeping The Nation ran a UK Blogger Albums Of 2005 poll - results at It seemed popular so we're giving it another go - if you want to participate, send us what you reckon to be the ten best albums in order that were given a full UK release in 2006 (no Special Edition reissues, compilations or imports) and on New Year's Day we'll post the collated list.

Sweeping The Nation

I am hugely enjoying writing 17 seconds, but due to the Blogger Updates etc.. I currently have no idea of how many people are reading the blog, so unless I get sufficient emails/replies to posts, it will be likely to be all about me for this year, at least!


Erik said...

So, I'm gonna save a blog from dying by posting this? You asked for more e-mail's, but I haven't found your address anywhere... Anyhow, I'm here to inform you about an EP I 'released' recently. You'll find it on my webpage, filed under 'Erik Mattsson'. (It might be a little bit too gloomy for your taste though.) And feel free to listen to my friend Michael Bach as well.

Just a Girl said...

You don't have a stat counter?

I read weekly.

Ed said...

Hi, did have a stat counter, but due to changes with Blogger, it disappeared.

No intention of letting this blog die!

Thanks for your comments - comments go straight to my email inbox, and then onto the blog.