Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Album Review: Escape Act

Escape Act -'Loosely Based On Fiction (Volte Face Records)

Escape Act's debut LP Loosely Based On Fiction follows on from the June release of the rather fine 'God Says' single Having been impressed by that single the album does not disappoint either. Ten tracks long, and barely 35 minutes long, it comes in and does its' job extremely effectively.

The Belfast trio recorded this album at the legendary Chem 19 studio in Glasgow with Andy Miller. Not that they needed any more Celtic magic, but the producer (Fratellis, Mogwai, Sons & Daughters) has helped them deliver a debut that any band would be proud of. Whilst it seems a bit obvious to draw comparisons with the Undertones and Ash, there's defintely hints of those bands with both a bit of nosie and a lot of a tune. In this case, ten of them.

This is just hugely enjoyable, a fresh and exciting listen that continues to delight on every successive listen. Rather like the Strokes, here is a band who have realised that less is definitely more. Pure punky joy.


Loosely Based On Fiction is out now on Volte-face Records

Escape Act -'Broken Chin.' mp3

...and the video for 'God Says.'

Escape Act Website/Escape Act myspace

Oh, and a piece on them at The Devil Has The Best Tuna.


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