Friday, January 02, 2009

Some more Peel

I received an email yesterday asking if I could repost the Special AKA's version of Free Nelson Mandela, so I hope I picked the right one...

anyway, it gives me an opportunity to do one of my Peel posts.

First up, these were Pell sessions tracks that made the Festive Fifty in 1989, and went on to become chart hits the following year:

Inspiral Carpets -'This Is How It Feels (session).' mp3 (1989 Festive Fifty no.35)

Inspiral Carpets -'She Comes In The Fall (session).' mp3 (1989 Festive Fifty no.50)

This was a track that became remixed the follwoing year under the name 'Move Any Mountain' and gave the Shamen several years as a Smash Hits and Top Of the Pops freindly act.

Shamen -'Pro-Gen .' mp3(1990 Festive Fifty no.34)

I know little about the Flaming Stars, but they sound great still. The BBC site erroneously credits these tracks as being done by the Flaming Lips, who John Peel also championed, rightly, IMHO, but are a completely different band.

Flaming Stars -'Face On the Bar Room Floor.' mp3 (1996 Festive Fifty no.48)

Flaming Stars -'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.' mp3 (1995 Festive Fifty no.29)

This track took ages to find, not available on either eMusic or iTunes

Drop Nineteens -'Winona.' mp3 (1992 Festive Fifty no.28)

Another band I know little about...but they too sound great:

The Decoration -'Joy Adamson.' mp3 (2004 Festive Fifty no.39)

The Decoration -'I Tried It, I Liked It, I Loved It.' mp3 (2004 festive Fifty no.24)

As requested...from the last year that much 'pop' stuff entered the Festive Fifty:

Special AKA -'Free Nelson Mandela.' mp3 (1984 Festive Fifty no.41)

Finally, another track (this one supplied by JC over at The Vinyl Villain that seemed very hard to get hold of, but I repost here for your delight:

Robert Wyatt -'The Wind Of Change.' mp3 (1985 Festive Fifty no.47)

This track credits Wyatt with the SWAPO singers.


If you want to find more about John Peel, start here.

Absolutely essential Peel-related blogs include Sexy Loser, Teenage Kicks and Fades In Slowly.


david said...

Nice start to the year Ed.
(a-hem, second Flaming Stars link doesn't seem to work, and doesn't look like Special AKA is a link at all. I'll put it down to lack of drink at the New Year).

Nice to see Sexy Loser get a plug.

Ed said...

Special AKA link now fixed, let me know if still problems. Flaming Stars links seem to work and have been downloaded by others; email me if you are still having problems!


david said...

Good man Ed!

Heh heh, I'm off to Scotland tomorrow! Hoping to catch the Hermit Crabs and Miabeane & The Asthmatic Scene while I'm there, more if possible.

Then back to a week's worth of 17 Seconds...sounds good to me :D

Ed said...

Have a good one, good sir...

Chris said...

This post is a great example of why I'm glad you didn't let the bastards get the best of you. Thank you in particular for The Inspiral Carpets. Hope the New Year is good to you and your family, and thank you for all the hard work you put into the blog.

Ed said...

Thank you, I was serious about chucking in the blog, but I'm glad I didn't : )

All being well, the new site will be active very, very soon...

spaceman73 said...

If you're interested in hearing more Drop Nineteens this is the debut album,which I ripped for a friend..quite nice it is to....

Ed said...

Thank you.... : )

spaceman73 said...

no problems,nice to give something back.

swissadam said...

Flaming Stars are excellent. They've made several albums and there are 2 or 3 compilations. Ginmill Perfume is on emusci and is great, as is Named and Shamed, and Born Under a Bad Neon Light. Well worth checking out.

Ed said...

Cheers...did you mean to comment on this version, as opposed to the new site at (not a criticism at all, just wondered if some links were not working!)