Saturday, January 03, 2009

Album Review: Light Syndicate

Light Syndicate -'Last In Line' (Pushbike Recordings)

There are few phrases more likely to make bloggers or record shop staff moan (apart from questions about really awful acts, I suppose) than bands saying 'Our music is really hard to categorise.' It smacks of people wanting to make out that they are really different and is almost never the case. Turgid, blantant, unaoriginal ripoffs are what follow on hearing.

Light Syndicate don't make that claim - but they are one of the few bands that would genuinely have the right to do so. This album shows a fantastic meeting point where the math-rock of Shellac meets the modern progressive rock of bands like Oceansize and Mogwai, with a bit of post-rock and folk rock thrown in for good measure.

Last In Line showcases some genuinely exciting sounds without ever becoming a self-obssessed, navel gazing soundtrack. Right from the instrumental opener '10 seconds To Live' to the album's closer, the title track, the band have made a genuinley thrilling debut. Vocalist Chris Bryden has been compared to Chris Martin (!) but really he's leading a band ploughing their own furrough. Long may he continue to do so.


Light Syndicate's website/Light Syndicate's Myspace

Last In Line is released on January 12.

Light Syndicate -' Sorry.'

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