Thursday, July 17, 2008

Motorcycle Boy -re-post!

Earlier today, I received feedback from a reader saying that a link from when I had posted Motorcycle Boy back in April was no longer active; it isn't but given that this fine song is no longer available, so why not repost?

Motorcycle Boy -'Big Rock Candy Mountain (12" mix).' mp3

...and seeing as I didn't post them here originally, why not the tracks from the 7" single?

Motorcycle Boy -'Big Rock Candy Mountain (7").' mp3

Motorcycle Boy -'Room At The Top.' mp3

Motorcycle Boy were the boy founded when Meat Whiplash united with Alex Taylor of the Shop Assistants. Meat Whiplash recorded one Peel session; the Shop Assistants recorded two and had four festive fifty entries in 1985-6; Motorcycle Boy recorded one session and reached no.22 in the 1987Festive Fifty with 'Big Rock Candy Mountain.'

When I posted the track back a few months ago, I did receive a lot of emails etc.. asking what else I had by Motorcycle Boy; this is all I have. So if anyone can email me mp3s I will happily post them here! And if you love Motorcycle Boy and the Shop Assistants you should be checking indie mp3, a totally excellent blog! See also Tom's pages on the Shop Assistants.


david said...

You're so kind Sir!
Motorcycle Boy gigged a fair bit in their time and a surprising amount of people still hold them in great affection. I'm sure they had released a cover of a Velvet's song, though I can't remember what it was. Been trying to track it down for ages but...

Cheers Ed.

Dirk said...

Alas, Ed, this 12" is all I have myself from The Motorcycle Boy, so I can't help you out. But I must say it really is excellent: very nice to see it posted on 17 Seconds!

All the best,


Ed said...

David and Dirk, you're both welcome, and if anyone can help us out...please do!


Tom said...

I have everything the band released so let me know what tracks you want. You can have them all if you want!

I also have a motorcycle boy page. It's at:


Ed said...

Tom - if you are able to send me the other tracks that I haven't posted here (via the email address at the top) I would be eternally grateful!


Tom said...

Ed - all my music is packed up ready for our move. I will get them to you in early August.

Ed said...

That would be great -and good luck with the move. Everytime I've moved it's been horrendously stressful, so hope it all goes well.


Anonymous said...

This is a great track(s)! I'm the one who mentioned about the inactive link in the older post. Thanks for re-posting!

Ed said...

No worries, whoever you may be! I do try and answer all requests, it just takes time. When Tom's able to send the stuff, I will post some more hopefully...