Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Calling Sister Moonlight

...or Sister Vanilla, in this case, Mr. Pop!

Sister Vanilla - just in case anyone has been away from the blogs longer than I have, is a new-(ish) project, coming out on Chemikal Underground (which already makes it achingly cool) featuring Jim and William reid, of the now re-formed Jesus and Mary Chain, but also including Ben Lurie from that line-up and their sister Linda.

Read about it at Anablog, 5 acts, earfarm and also Mars Needs Guitars. I did - and I cannot wait for the album.

It's due out on April 2. On the evidence of the tracks I have sampled at the above websites, it is definitely one for anyone who loved the Mary Chain (your homeland would also love to have some gigs, as well as those in California), shoegazing, and indie-pop.

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Matthew said...

What a muppet - I'm on the Chemikal mailing list and I'd still not twigged. Shame shame shame!

Colin said...

Count me in! :)

Glad all well again... what a scare!