Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's always better on holiday, still think it's a better name for the tune than Jacqueline, but anyway...

A short post today as life is as busy as ever. There is, however, always time for Scottish indie bands. For your listening pleasure check out a fantastic post on Franz Ferdinand at To die By Your Side where there are fantastic acoustic versions of six tracks from their two studio albums. If you thought the remixes added someting, wait til you hear the songs stripped down...

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Meanwhile, if you go to Berkeley Place you'll find an excellent post on Snow Patrol, a band who are starting to go absolutely nuclear state-side. Having seen them play the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, it's quite something to see them with a Top 5 hit in the US. It also mentions Scottish indie supergroup the Reindeer Section, who are co-ordinated by the Patrol's Gary Lightbody, but also feature members of Belle and Sebastian, Idlewild, V-Twin, and arab strap, amongst others.

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Finally, another scottish band, up and coming the X-Vectors should be checked out at their myspace page. They make music that suggests an equal awareness of chicago house and scottish indie sounds. They say that they wish they had lived in Chicago in the 1980s or on a space station. I'd love to drop by that station, but for the meantime, go check them out and become friends with them.

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