Thursday, October 05, 2006

All my life...

Reportedly, Razorlight could be No.1 in the UK on Sunday. Overall, I welcome this, as it's nice to see them do well, even if it's not the best single they've done, and it's been kinda good to see the scissor sisters at no.1 But hey! I have commented here before how much I think they sound like Bruce Springsteen...but what about the Boomtown Rats? Bob Geldof's much-maligned band, without which etc.. Whaddya reckon?

Razorlight - America

Buy the Razorlight album on Amazon. Or even better, go to your local high street indie store and buy the single. On vinyl.

boomtown rats _ dont like mondays

Buy the Boomtown Rats on Amazon

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JuzNik said...

I commented to Rory a while back that I think the Razorlights sound like a hybrid of Boomtown Rats and Big Country. They certainly have the big country "twanging guitar" down pat. Dunno if anyone else would agree, but I see some similarity there