Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Sound of Young Scotland..noughties version

The fact that it's now August reminds me that it is now three years since I discovered Franz Ferdinand. It seems odd to say this now when they are so popular, but at the time, no-one knew who they were. I heard 'Darts of Pleasure' on nme.com and thought that was worth checking out. So I and girlfriend of the time went to see them at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, where they were opening for Hot Hot Heat. I still like Hot Hot Heat, and i think Make Up The Breakdown is a great album, but frankly, Franz Ferdinand blew me away.

Hot Hot Heat - 'Bandages.' mp3 from Make Up the Breakdown*

Franz Ferdinand -'Darts of Pleasure' mp3 from Franz Ferdinand

The next time I saw Franz Ferdinand was on holiday in York, where they headlined the tiny but wonderful Fibbers. I was on holiday at the time, and actually met the band walking down the street. I haven't met them since, but they were warm and very welcoming, posed for photographs, signed autographs etc.. They had just come from London by train and were walking down the middle of York's pedestrian precinct.
The gig that night was warm and sweaty, and as well as the comfortable feeling that we really were seeing the next big thing, was the two support acts, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, who'd just put out their debut single 'I Love You 'Cos I Have To' and Sons and Daughters. At the time, the latter's album was only available on import, even though they come from Falkirk (midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Alright, that's a simplification but it will do). I have subsequently seen Franz Ferdinand another four times, though pleased as I am to see them do well, it's kinda frustrating not to be able to get tickets for shows for a band who sell out big venues when I saw them playing venues where you really could see the whites of their eyes.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - 'I Love You 'Cos I have To.' mp3 from Please Describe Yourself

I have now seen Sons and Daughters a grand total of seven times (they tie with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for the band I have seen the most). The band, made up of Adele Bethel (vocals and guitars), Scott Paterson (vocals, guitar), Ailidh Lennon (bass, mandolin) and David Gow (drums) are just...something else, both live and on record. The interchange between Adele and Scott - a couple in real life - is just something that has to be seen to be believed. Now that The Delgados have split they are without a doubt my favourite Scottish band. They could be filed under indie...or country, but somehow, they just transcend those sort of labels. No, really. They also have managed to effectively make two debut albums - their mini-lp 'Love the cup' and 'The Repulsion Box.' Considering how long it isn't -twenty-five minutes and seven tracks - Love The Cup feels spectacularly complete, an album that can be stuck on repeated play. The Repulsion Box should have been a big smash, taking things onto the next level.However, the big release the day it came out - at least in the UK - was Coldplay's X & Y. Ah well...

Sons and Daughters - 'Johnny Cash.' mp3 from Love The Cup

"Sons and Daughters - 'Dance Me In.' mp3 from The Repulsion Box

*I know Hot Hot Heat are Canadian, but as I began to write this post, I knew I had to have this track here.

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