Saturday, November 08, 2008

Album Review: Meursault

Meursault -'Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues.' (Song By Toad Records)

Wow. Not content with writing a fine blog and having some of the Scottish Capital's finest bands round for sessions, Song By Toad has set up a record label.

And damn it, everyone's favourite reptilian blogger has done it again. Not content with releasing the rather good Nightjar EP, SBTR have released one of the year's finest albums. Damn you! Meursault have been plying their trade around the capital for a while now, and as their lineup has taken a while to settle, it has resulted in this stunning debut.

Call it folktronica, call it modern scottish; draw parallels with releases from Wounded Knee, Broken Records and even Swimmer One, whatever! This is a very strong, beautiful album. With 11 tracks in 39 minutes there is no flab. Instead, a wonderfully toned and tuned album that makes you want to hear it again and again.

Gorgeous tunes that you will want to play to everyone you know...what's not to love? Messrs Bryant, Pennycook, MacLeod and calder have, with Mr. Toad, delivered what I believe to be one of the year's best albums.


Meursault -'The Furnace.' mp3 (Alternative version for preview)

Meursault -'A Few Kind Words.' mp3

Meaursault's mySpace is here, check out just how good they are.

The album is available on iTunes now, and will be released on December 15 in physical format.

...and for more examples of Toad and meursault related work, click here


swissadam said...

Congratulations- you're in today's Guardian Guide.

Ed said...

wow -thank you will go and buy it!

Dylan said...

A Few Kind Words is probably my song of the year.

Ed said...

I have been really blown away by this album, which has really shaken up my still-brewing best of 2008 list...