Monday, February 05, 2007

The 100th post

(when I started writing the blog, I hadn't got my cats. this is them, several months ago)

Well, and here we are! This is the 100th post I have done on the blog. Over the course of seven months, my interest in music, along with comments on teaching and hitting thirty have given me something to work on. Whilst I still dream of having as many readers as some of the other blogs, the feedback I have received has been flattering, and if I had as little rubbish to deal with at school as I do here, life would be easier!!

Thanks to my long-suffering girlfriend, and my family for their feedback, and friends and readers (of course, these are not necessarily mutually exclusive) who have helped this come along. I have learned more about computers along the way, and there's probably fewer rants about it all now...

What I've done this time is just to pick ten great tracks, no theme, just stuff I love, and really hope you do too. As ever, if you like'em, do go and buy them.

Here's to the next one hundred posts. Enjoy the music.


JC said...

Many congrats on the 100th posting - and that's a great photos of the cats. Strangely enough, myself & Mrs Villain now also have gotten two cats since I started my blog in September....

Excellent set of diverse tunes - some I know, others I don't. Some I love, others that I'm a bit cool about. In other words - a perfect selection as you've mastered the difficult act of finding something for everyone.

Here's to the next 100 on what is always a very entertaining blog. I particularly like the fact you put forward your own views, opinions and observations without worrying what the fashion-police will say in reply.

One thing I meant to always ask. Do you teach in a secondary school, and if so, have you ever been tempted to reveal your true identity to some of your teenage pupils ????

Ed said...

Thanks JC. I guess as a secondary school teacher who teaches RE (or Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies as I prefer to think of it as), the fashion police long since gave up on me.

Reveal myself to my pupils? Nah, I figure if they ever came across this blog, they might work it out, but note the absence of a picture now!

Colin said...

Congratulations Ed - a real achievement. Well done.

(who used to run 'Let's Kiss And Make Up' but now runs another blog named after another Field Mice song!)

PS, great to see Aereogramme on the playlist... a stunning album.

Rory said...

Good job mate - look forward to the next 100.

Have you heard the song about ping pong?

Rick said...

i'm impressed with your dedication to this blog.

i hope i still have the enthusiasm to keep mine fresh and uptodate.

best wishes to you and the soon-to-be missis. remember we want to see photos!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ed, we've had some good tips from you over the past few months, most notably Camera Obscura and Aberfeldy (Heliopolis has become one of my all time fav tunes). Unfortunately both bands, by virtue of not being from Cork/ Dublin and therfore not being the Framk and Walters/ U2, will be No.1 chez H'ton. As for the kids, 'each seed brings forth a crop after it's kind.' We merely stem the tide, er, pal. We hope this finds you well and keep up the good work!! ;o) R'n'E