Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Pipettes

The Pipettes album is out Monday July 17, and I can't wait!

This release has been much heralded across the blogs, and I can't actually post any tracks from it here. What i can recommned, though, is that people check the following websites to hear a little more about the Pipettes. Obviously; remember, that mp3s are frequenty just posted for promotional purposes, and if you download: SUPPORT THE ARTISTS INVOLVED!

like flies on sherbert has some acoustic tracks by the band.

The Torture Garden has some b-sides by the band. Certainly I HAVE to admire band who put out two 7"s for their songs. If you're gonna multi-format, do it on vinyl, dammit!

Also at myspace/gwenno Gwenno from the band has two mighty fine tracks of her to download. Definitely point your browser here as well. These are great!

What you need to do now is go and buy the album if you like it. You could go here or go and support your local independent record store.


mp3hugger said...

uncut gave them a luckwarmish review but they are nice every now and them. only think 1 of them is cute though! good luck with the blog...

shane said...

Thank you.